10,000 BC

10,000 BC is a British reality social experiment series follows 20 British people from all walks of life as they go back to the conditions of the Stone Age and try to survive two months in ...

Genre: Reality

Director: N/A

Country: UK

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 6.4

Season 2 - 10,000 BC
20 Jan 2016
"The reality series that challenges a group of volunteers to survive in the wilderness returns. However, this time there are 24 volunteers split into two completely separate and competing groups."
21 Jan 2016
"Suzanne focuses the minds of the Cray tribe on obtaining food, while - unbeknownst to them - twelve more participants have just arrived at Wood Camp two miles East of the lake."
28 Jan 2016
05 Feb 2016
"Things begin to heat up in the battle for survival as John orders the Snake tribe to move up to the Hunt camp only to find that the Cray tribe have already taken all the tools and stripped the trees of fruit and nuts."
11 Feb 2016
"Two weeks into the experiment things go disastrously wrong for both tribes. A storm forces the Snake tribe to move into their rivals' camp where health concerns, homesickness and food poisoning weaken the Crays' position."
04 Feb 2016
"After living on nuts, fruit and crayfish for two weeks, the two tribes agree to a joint hunting party. There is discontent with John's leadership of the Snake tribe, prompting a member to defect."
10 Feb 2016
11 Feb 2016
17 Feb 2016
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