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Money Heist

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With the fourth season, the series "Money Heist" returns. The picture tells about the attempt of a team of robbers to take the Mint in Spain. The plot focuses on a lot of interesting events unfolding during and around this robbery. At the head of the team is a brilliant professor who has developed a robbery scheme. He believes that his idea is perfect and very good, so the character is not a bit surprised that he is likely to succeed. The main character has attracted eight of the most skilled professionals in his field to his banners. Of course, if they manage to pull it off, the characters will get a lot of money. About two and a half million euros can be taken with you. Hiding from the pursuers is the most difficult task. The main characters begin their criminal operation. They get into the building, where, as it turned out, everything is far from what was in the plan. Criminals are trapped. The exits and entrances are blocked, so the characters will have to improvise, and they, as it turned out, were not ready for this. Now, together with numerous hostages, the main actors will be locked up within the walls of this financial institution for eleven days. What will happen next? Will the prisoners manage to survive?