Chicago Fire Season 6 poster

Chicago Fire Season 6

HD 8.0 min
We're going to Chicago. There, in the fifty-first fire department, the most courageous representatives of their profession work. These people are the personification of honor, loyalty and dedication to their work. The main characters of this project are men and women who, without sparing themselves, work both day and night. Their work is a complex and responsible task that forces everyone to work like one single team, one single mechanism. The sixth season of the long-awaited TV series "Chicago Firefighters" will once again send us to the epicenter of the disaster, where people dressed in special suits work to save the lives of those who were cut off by the flames, deprived of salvation and the ability to breathe. Each of the characters is ready to fight for the lives of innocent people to the last. Who would have thought that the main characters will be so difficult at work. There is no time for rest, so you have to do business, and then deal with your personal life right at work. It seems that not everyone can bear such a load and such tension, but these people can clearly be called iron guys who know exactly what and how to do in the most difficult moments!

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