The Walking Dead Season 5 poster

The Walking Dead Season 5

HD 8.2 min
Are you ready for the new season of the cult drama about the zombie apocalypse? The epidemic has already reached terrestrial proportions, and small groups of survivors continue to fight desperately for life. Sheriff Rick Grimes has endured many difficult days, because he got into this hell right from his hospital bed. Now he runs a small group that includes his family. These people travel through forests and fields, looking for food and a safe place to live. Every day, the heroes are trapped by the fear of death, because the group constantly suffers huge losses. Against the background of all the horror that is happening around, real manifestations of human feelings and emotions occur in the group. It is on them that you can understand that life after the apocalypse is possible. But this life can be interrupted by just one bite. Rick is trying to save his family, trying to protect all the people close to him from the dead who wander senselessly on the Earth. The main thing for the heroes is that they do not become part of these monsters. And it's not just the fear of a painful death, but the fact that everyone is afraid of losing their humanity. For four full seasons, "The Walking Dead" has proved that it is not only a horror, but also a great drama and tragedy that excites the hearts of people and makes them live in unison with the heroes of this story. A new fifth season is just around the corner. Be sure to check it out on the seasonvar website!