X-Men: Apocalypse poster

X-Men: Apocalypse 2016

HD 7.1 144 min
The story revolves around the immortal and everlasting Apocalypse, who awakened after several years. The one, who has become unstoppable after the dawn of civilization because he is the first and the most powerful mutant. He was worshipped previously and now, he is back with so much of power and is all set to dominate the world. As soon as he wakes up, his aim of creating a new world commences.

Magneto and several other mutants are hired by him to accompany him in his mission. Due to the immoral desires of this Apocalypse, the earth is brought into danger. But, to stop this evil and villainous, in achieving his mission and to save the earth from destruction, a team of young and courageous X-Men was constituted by Professor X and Raven. The team of X-Men lead by Professor X and Raven, are all set on their mission to bring an end to the evil intentions of the disastrous Apocalypse.

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