Silent Hill: Revelation poster

Silent Hill: Revelation 2012

HD 5.0 94 min
Silent Hill is a ghost town, an obsession which does not allow to forget about yourself to any mortal, once with him povstrechavshemusja. One of the "victims" of the city-Heather, which is eleven years lost his mother in a car accident and now lives with his father. They are persecuted sectarians, so father with daughter nowhere do not stay for long. Heather for many years suffering nightmares and dreams of her Silent Hill.

The sectarians are hiring a detective, and in reality are terrible monsters. When the father disappears, and Heather sees the mysterious symbol and inscription, veljashhuju her to go to Silent Hill, it solves all figure out and find his father. There she discovers the depth of the Horror that lurks in the darkness of the city to ashes. Why Silent Hill haunted Heather, how it relates to a ghost town, existing in multiple realities, where her father and where actually disappeared mother Heather long ago? The girl will get the answer to these questions and learn what would prefer never to hear.

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