The Little Vampire poster

The Little Vampire 2017

HD 5.3 83 min
This German cartoon takes place in ancient times, when in our world there were a lot of strange mystical creatures, which in our days, there are few who remember. In the center of the plot of a real vampire named Rudolph. He leads a Merry life and tries to learn the world around him. Unlike many other vampires, he is resilient enough and constantly dwells in an excellent mood. This is due to the fact that he was only thirteen years old. Ahead of his long life awaits, full of a variety of Adventures. But soon the protagonist of the film "The Little Vampire" gets in serious trouble ...

The city appears brave Vampire Hunter, which destroyed a lot of evil. And now he begins fierce hunting on an unsuspecting Rudolph. And only thanks to the help of his friend the protagonist escapes death. His buddy is the most ordinary person. But he's not afraid of his friend, a loving human blood. Ahead of their amazing Adventures await. Will they be able to stop the Vampire Hunter?