Vampire Academy poster

Vampire Academy 2014

HD 5.6 104 min
About the existence of vampires, have seen quite some time ago. Now they are not secret, and not a legend. Maybe you don't feel but they live among us, and often use their special skills. Few people know that in America, in Montana, there is a special Academy for them. There they are trained to the highest art of magic. Time goes by and people don't even suspect that between vampires is fierce and vicious War.

Tribe strigoi, at odds with the race moroev. Some of them crossed the line of the law, which led to a series of multiple killings. Even within the walls of this Academy, where lives the Holy Science, or who cannot provide full protection. The strength of the walls is inferior to the one that came from the dark forces. Lissa, a young Princess moroev. Together with podrugoju and faithful guardian, in an instant, turned out to be a terrible War.