Justice poster

Justice 2017

HD 6.8 99 min
Batman and his new ally, Diana Prince, known to the world as wonder woman, learn about the new danger threatening all the inhabitants of the planet. Remembering the sacrifice of Superman, Bruce Wayne is regaining faith in humanity and is going to enter into an unequal battle with the superior forces of the enemy. But his goal is not a heroic death and rescue earthlings because Batman has to consider the plan and gather around himself the strongest superheroes of our times. Time to gather new allies commands almost no-mysterious antagonist forces are already on the outskirts.

Selection of Batman and Diana falls on the three strongest fighters-superheroes-Cyborg, Aquaman and the Flash. Victor Stone, nicknamed Cyborg half consists of a alive flesh and half-chip and mechanical implants, which provide him with superhuman physical abilities and the hero turned into a powerful weapon. Arthur Curry-theme park ride-single pass ratecontrol is mighty, almost invulnerable to physical attacks.