Office Space poster

Office Space 1999

HD 7.8 90 min
The protagonist of the Comedy movie "Office Space" — a simple Guy Peter Gibbons cannot boast of any successes in life, because he is very monotonous and boring, and every day is getting worse. Every day he goes to work in a large company, where he works as a programmer, and like most "Office plankton" quietly hates what is involved. With him in Office and co-workers suffer the same losers on life-Michael Bolton, Milton Waddams, as well as Guy Samir, has neproiznosimuju Eastern name. Only cute waitress Joanna ray of light in a grim life of Peter.

To get rid of stress and build life, he begins to attend psychotherapy sessions. However, during the last visit of the psychotherapist died suddenly, without having had time to deduce Peter from hypnosis. This becomes the beginning of a new, completely different life of Peter, which he no longer seeks to make a career, "scores", and explains in detail his superiors where they should go with their orders, as well as doing what you always wanted.

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