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The Wall 2017

HD 6.4 90 min
The film genre War Drama Daga Lyman "The Wall" is devoted to the events that took place during the War of the United States of America to the Middle East, when American troops stormed into Iraq to overthrow the regime of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. The basic steps are unfolding around the three characters in the film-two soldiers from America and one local sniper.

The latter turned out to be quite a clever and experienced, has good think through his plan and prepare a trap for rivals. Everything was so well provided for and carefully that even the more experienced shooter of the Americans could not suspect danger. Hunting down the enemy in the desert, joining the remnants of his bloody trail, while a more accurately on the brutally murdered victims. Having studied the situation of sheltering one of the kids decides to come closer to being absolutely certain in the absence of the offender.

His companion initially feared however lends itself to arguments of Commander, believing that he cannot make a mistake. As it turned out, very vain. Coming on open terrain, man falls under the sight of the hidden enemy. Partner rushes to the wounded friend, having thus the second bug is threatening his life. The young Sergeant cannot hide behind not very solid wall of stones. Calling assistance by radio a young man notices something odd in the manner of conversation interlocutor on the other end of the line, listening carefully it becomes clear-said people with Oriental accents. It turns out that wave catch sniper who has driven and keeping them in captivity.

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