The Time Traveler's Wife poster

The Time Traveler's Wife 2009

HD 7.1 108 min
The love story of Henry and Clare Detemblja Jebshir was not unlike any other. Henry was born with a rare disease-he suffered from, and therefore regardless of his desires by moving time traveled back and forth on his own life. Neither the duration of these movements, nor time, and sent Henry, from him is not affected. For the first time this happened, when Henry was 5 years old, and at that time the disease has allowed him to survive in a car crash.

In 1991 year, Henry and Claire met in the library, although at the moment Claire knew it perfectly himself Henry saw her for the first time. Shortly after this meeting was followed by a new travel series, with Henry undertook in Michigan, where she was born and grew up Claire. During one of their meetings, Henry gave his future lover's diary, in which were recorded the date of his movements. Life with the traveler in the time promised numerous difficulties, but Claire did not want to be for himself another fortune.

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